FEAFWW is a non-government, non-profit, non-partisan, human rights organization established to promote social, economic, and legal rights of former Ethiopian armed force veterans and their families living worldwide.

These purposes include:

• Helping the members defined above that were disabled, wounded, imprisoned inside Ethiopia or in (any foreign countries) without justice, neglected, or left homeless, and were left uncompensated (without any retirement, pension, or any type of benefits).

• Helping FEAFWW’s members who fled Ethiopia following the fall of the former military government who are suffering in concentration-camp style living conditions in other parts of Africa and the Middle East without any prospect of going to a third country or resettling.

• Helping and supporting FEAFWW’s members unite with their families around the world,

• Helping organize the members of the FEAFWW who live abroad that are trying to form chapters that will operate on FEAFWW’s bylaws.

• Record the history of FEAFWW’s members and what they did to defend our native country (Ethiopia), in addition to their contributions to the international community under UN’s command and pass on the FEAFWW’s heroic history to the next generation.